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Globalchocostore - Mother's Day Collection

  • Belgian Brands – ChocoBouquette – Chocolate Flowers

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    A set of three chocolate flowers that will never wither. A gift which combines traditional gift in a form of flowers with delicious chocolate.

  • Belgian Brands – Chocolate – Venus Pretty

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    For those who like chic and slender shapes. A tasteful oval box with 11 unique chocolates.

  • Belgian Brands – Chocolate Flowers Daisy Pink

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    A rose petal chocolate blossom planted in a chocolate jar and wrapped in a pretty box. The chocolate flowers are an ideal gift for your loved ones.

  • Belgian Brands – Chocolate Gift Ballotin Grand

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    Box contains 20 delicious, handmade chocolates from Chocolissimo. A perfect chocolate gift for a sweet tooth. Each chocolate is made ??with great attention to quality. Ingredients are sourced from certified plantations. The recipe is based on traditional methods of chocolate production.

  • Belgian Brands – Chocolate Gifts – Dark Chocolate Letters – I Love Mum

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    Perfect chocolate gifts for every mum, chocolate letters made of dark chocolate that perfectly give your feeling: I love you Mum.

  • Belgian Brands – Chocolate Gifts – Milk Chocolate Letters (I LOVE Mum)

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    I love you Mum, the sweetest thing you can say to your mother. Chocolate gifts in chocolate letters made of the best milk chocolate.

  • Belgian Brands – Chocolate Praline – ChocoPostcard (Midi Silver)

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    Add your photography or any image to the package full of various chocolate praline tastes! 15 pralines will provide unique taste experience.

  • Belgian Brands – Handmade Chocolate – Ballotin Xmas Grand

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    Thinking what to send as a Christmas gift ? How about a box containing two layers of 10 delicious handmade chocolate? Buy & gift chocolates worldwide.

  • Belgian Brands – Handmade Chocolate – ChocoTriangle

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    A triangular wooden box, filled with 12 handmade chocolate .

  • Belgian Brands – Handmade Chocolate – Easter Time Classic

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    15 delicious, handmade chocolates. Packed in a pastel coloured box with Easter motif. Always a suitable gift.

  • Belgian Brands – Handmade Chocolate – Elegance Ladies

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    This elegant wooden box contains a selection of 10 handmade chocolate , with or without alcohol.

  • Belgian Brands – Handmade Chocolate – SEXTET

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    Six handmade chocolate in an elegant gift box with ribbon. Pralines are made of the highest quality chocolate.

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