Born in Bijar-Kordestan in 1960, Esmaeil Asgari is a prominent figure in the Iranian art scene, boasting a distinguished 35-year career in Painting, Sculpture, and Design. As a seasoned artist and respected instructor, he has a highly regarded second-grade designation in art, making him a trailblazer for introducing the embossed painting technique in Iran.

Among his accolades, Asgari notably secured a prize at Tehran Contemporary Museum’s inaugural Sculpture Biennale in 1995. He has also been a significant figure in the Iranian art scene, managing the Asgari Gallery in Tehran, and imparting his skills and knowledge as the instructor of Bijar Painting and Designing Institute in Karaj.

In addition, Asgari has held managerial roles as the managing director and concession holder of Asgari Art Publication. He is recognized as a published author with 20 contributions to Art, including instructional books on Painting and Design, which span over an impressive timeline of 18 years.

In 1996, he was appointed as the Art Expert of the Ministry of Labor, where he authored the Painting Standard Book. As a member of the Iran Painters Association in Tehran, Askari has showcased his works in a staggering number of exhibitions: 250 international and 20 local Iranian showcases. His contributions have also been recognized through several awards he received at Iranian press conferences.

Beyond his commendable personal achievements, Asgari’s role at Simple Gallery emphasizes his dedication towards providing a user-centered experience. The gallery prides itself on its flexible design that encourages creative freedom, fusing functionality and aesthetics in an unprecedented way. From user interface to function buttons on the bottom toolbar, Simple Gallery stands as a testament to Asgari’s belief in creating a photo app that caters uniquely to the needs and preferences of its users.

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