Inspirational Roles: Persian Horse Drawing in Velvet & Oil


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Discover the allure of Iranian heritage in our ‘Inspirational Roles’, an enchanting horse drawing made in oil on velvet. Bathed in the beauty of Persian carpet patterns, the horse takes center stage against a striking black background.


Step into the vibrant world of Iranian culture with our painting ‘Inspirational Roles’. This striking horse drawing, crafted using a distinct oil on velvet technique, reflects Iran’s rich artistic legacy. The horse, radiating mystery and strength, is adorned with intricately detailed Persian carpet patterns, epitomizing the nation’s age-old craftsmanship. Set against a deep black backdrop, the horse’s mesmerizing gaze holds the viewer’s attention. Framed in opulent gold, this unique piece lends a touch of elegance to any space. What’s more? Cleaning is a breeze – gentle wash with soap and water will do the trick. Immersing viewers in its narrative, ‘Inspirational Roles’ undoubtedly epitomizes the spirit of Iranian artistry.”

Inspirational Roles, Iranian Velvet & Oil Painting original artwork, fine art painting (framed, dated 2023, Painting by Esmaeil Asgari Iranian Artist, Dubai, Unitted Arab Emirates.

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Weight 10000.0 g
Dimensions 116 × 84 × 10 cm
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Oil Painting on Velvet

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Inspirational Roles: Persian Horse Drawing in Velvet & Oil


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