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  • Belgian Brands – Chocolate Gift – Chocolate Hearts with Addons

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    A perfect chocolate gift set for Valentines! White box with 3 heart-shaped window contains: chocolate hearts with dried cranberries.

  • Belgian Brands – Fabulous Chocolates Without Alcohol

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    A beautiful, small wooden chest made of African wood that contains 40 delicate, chocolates without alcohol. (Package dimensions: 150x146x112mm, Net weight: 500 g). May contain eggs, peanuts, sesame .

  • Belgian Brands – Obsession Macadamia Nuts Covered in Milk Chocolate

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    Delicious macadamia nuts blanketed in milk and white chocolate. Packed in an elegant tin.

  • Belgian Brands – Obsession Nuts Chocolates

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    The original box is filled with 12 handmade nuts chocolates for the lovers of nut flavours.

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