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  • Belgian Brands – Chocolate – Choco Classic

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    An exclusive wooden box made of African wood containing 20 delicious handmade chocolate pralines.

  • Belgian Brands – Chocolate – Venus Pretty

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    For those who like chic and slender shapes. A tasteful oval box with 11 unique chocolates.

  • Belgian Brands – Chocolate Assortment – ChocoPostCard Maxi Zilver

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    Product Description 30 deliciously handmade pralines, packed in a silver coloured box. The lid of the box can be adjusted by your own uploaded picture or a postcard.

  • Belgian Brands – Chocolate Gift – Ballotin Supreme Chocolate

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    Chocolate Boxes containing 30 delicious, handmade chocolates from Chocolissimo. A perfect chocolate gift for a sweet tooth. Try out for yourself or arrange to send this lovely chocolate gift set today to family & friends in selected countries. Please check your country’s chocostore for details on available chocolate brands.

  • Belgian Brands – Chocolates Praline Mix

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    For foodies who want to taste different types of chocolates, we have specially designed our praline mix. In a beautiful white box, decorated with a golden motif, you will find four cake-shaped chocolates, four delicious chocolate CupCakes and four classic handmade chocolates. The hardest part? Starting with…

  • Belgian Brands – Coffee Chocolates Obsession

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    Coffee is a favorite beverage for many of us. Each sip wakes us up to life or makes the afternoon enjoyable. Coffee combined with delicious chocolate provides extra moment of pleasure. A dozen handmade, stimulating coffee chocolates in four variations will be a perfect gift for any coffee lover.

  • Belgian Brands – Dark Chocolate – Obsession

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    Dark obsessions can be positive. Not only does dark chocolate provide intensive sensations for our palates, but it is also beneficial for our health.

  • Belgian Brands – Elegance Mini Chocolates In A Wooden Box

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    An exclusive wooden box made of African wood contains 4 delicious handmade pralines.

  • Belgian Brands – Fruit Obsession Chocolates

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    A choice of the best fruit flavours blanketed in delightful chocolate .

  • Belgian Brands – Handmade Pralines – Black L

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    Classic black highlights a straight line of the package. New product in an extremely elegant edition. Inside you will find 6 handmade pralines, whose taste will delight even the capricious gourmet.

  • Belgian Brands – Handmade Pralines – Black XS

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    Four handmade pralines in a classic and elegant black box. Net weight: 50 g. Package dimensions: 87x85x30mm.

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