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Österreich Chocostore - Pralinen - Globalchocostore

  • Belgian Brands – Chocolate – Valentines lollipops

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    Set of five chocolate lollipops. It’s a perfect sweet gift for Valentines. Made of milk, dark and white chocolate.

  • Belgian Brands – Chocolate Gift – Melody

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    Eight handmade chocolates in an elegant brown chocolate gift box with a ribbon. Try out for yourself or arrange to send this lovely chocolate gift set today to family or friends in selected European countries. Please check your country’s chocostore for details on the chocolate brands and products available.

  • Belgian Brands – 12 Chocolate Easter Eggs – Happy Easter

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    12 filled pralines in the shape of Easter eggs. Packed in a white box with window and banderol. A perfect gift for Easter.

  • Belgian Brands – A Chocolate Football Kit

    Sold By: Chocolissimo

    The football fan kit gifts for kids consists of: A chocolate football, whistle, player figurine, T-shirt & football shoes for kids. Sweet milk chocolate.

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